Health care for companies

Health care for companies with tailor-made healthcare packages according to your wishes.

Benefits of wellness
Sedentary sessions, lack of exercise and unhealthy habits are major health risks that cause costs for companies. The benefits of investing in employee health and making them start exercising are many, such as reduced sick leave, improved efficiency and concentration and increased stress resistance. Employee efforts make them feel appreciated, which increases the well-being and efficiency of the workplace. The company gets a good picture outwards.

Training helps to build strong companies with less sick leave and healthier staff. Smarter staff who feel good are more productive and efficient. You can provide tax and duty free of charge to your employees for easier workout and workout training as well as at special places such as at the gym, at wellness centers, at sports facilities and the like. You can offer your staff tax-free personal care benefits in the form of exercise and other healthcare of simple types and less value. What is of lesser value has not been determined as an amount, but for example, a regular annual map on the gym is included within the definition, for more information, see Skatteverket’s website.

Bet on wellness for better health and increased quality of life!