Qigong – Eng

Qigong originates from China and means about training in increasing its life energy. Qi means life energy and Gong means exercise and exercise. Characteristic of Qigong are calm movements for body awareness and presence.

Qigong, which is part of traditional Chinese medicine, is an ancient gymnastics form, through which breathing exercises and harmonic movements activate qi. Through calm, harmonious movements you get agility and feel inner peace and balance.

Training Qigong for a while every day leads to continuous improvement in health. Qigong provides improved circulation in the body. You get excited and feel more alert. Many common problems associated with our lifestyle may disappear, such as sleep problems, mental fatigue, bad memory, weak will, poor concentration, low energy levels or restlessness.

Qigong is training for increased health and awareness. For many, it’s a way to deal with stress, become more present in the body and get increased mobility. Qigong is documented effectively to achieve better health and relaxation.