Voices about Yoga

“Helena is a wonderful natural yoga teacher with soft comfortable voice that is easy to follow. Nice explanations for the movements and the benefits with them and why we do as we do! I feel calm relaxed and at the same time strong after a passport with her. ”

“It has been wonderful to get yoga in a small group. Thank you Helena Langhard, for I have developed and learned so much about security, proximity, trust, openness and respect. Most by not getting nervous as I always used to be. I no longer think if I can do the exercises or not, I’m just doing them. And I just breathe. ”

“Helena’s yoga is a restful rest for the body while training for the body. It’s soothing to listen to her soft voice. I have become smoother and have easier to focus and be in the present. Her music, which is in the background, I often think is her husband’s production, is also enjoyment.