Wellness – Eng

Langhard wellness is a concept created by Helena Langhard.

Medical yoga
Medical yoga is a therapeutic yoga form where breathing exercises are mixed with slow soft physical exercises, relaxation and meditation. Yogapass is performed on yoga mat or sitting on a chair. No prerequisites are required and you adapt all exercises according to your own circumstances.

Dynamic yoga
Dynamic yoga is a physical yoga class for strength, balance and agility. The classes contain softening movements, body postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. The movements are linked with the breath. Dynamic yoga joins body, soul, mind and being here and now.

Personal training

Personal training to meet your goals in a fun, safe and efficient manner. Exercise focused on getting shape, getting stronger, faster, smoother, more durable, build muscle, lose weight or just feel better.

The term wellness
“Wellness includes a multi-dimensional state of mind and understanding of what health is. It expresses itself in a sense of well-being and perceived quality of life, while, for example, the biomedical concept is based on something negative, ie disease where the body is ill from isolated parts. Wellness reflects Instead, some positively comprehensive individuals all share in a whole, ie a holistic approach based on a more subjective and emotional state.

By combining the concepts of wellness and salutogenes, including a sense of context, there is an opportunity to express how the individual understands, manages and sees the meaning of life. This overall perspective creates an awareness of the individual about his / her perception of life. Life perception includes a interacting environment around the individual consisting of, among other things, family, work, leisure, which affects the wellbeing of the individual for good and bad. This interaction creates a complex set of characteristics in / within the individual such as attitudes, experiences, knowledge, motives, values ​​that make it possible or not to see the meaning of life affecting wellness.

Through the individual’s ability and sense of understanding, manageability and meaningfulness to address the challenge of wellness, such as starting to exercise with its pros and cons of doing this, hopefully, a body is working, which provides positive exchanges with others individuals, provide better sleep, provide more stress resistance, etc., why it is worth this investment. ”